The upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 season ushers zomer second show – the womenswear brand by designer Danial Aitouganov and stylist Imruh Asha. The name derives from the Dutch word for ‘summer’, linking back to the Dutch roots of the duo.

zomer is a champion for kaleidoscopic colour, unexpected texture, and experimental silhouettes. The brands ability to balance the essence of childlike playfulness with elevated sophistication is impeccable.

For their collection 02. zomer continues to dive into the realm of vibrant colours. What stands out a lot within this collection is the seamless fusion of 2D and 3D elements, as seen with the glass pieces worn on the runway created in collaboration with Heven, by Breanna and Peter Dupont.

zomer’s Autumn/Winter collection lineup reflects their admiration for design and artistic expression.

The brand offers a full ready-to-wear collection, with a strong focus on craftsmanship and the joy found in creative expression of colours and shape. ECCO Leather provided the leather, Knitwearlab provided the knit, KARHU by zomer arranged the footwear throughout the colelction, and make up was done with Make Up for Ever.