Zielinski & Rozen is an artisan perfume house dating back to 1905. Its history is synonymous with the family’s heritage and today the brand is led by perfumer-alchemist and ideologist Erez Rozen.

“I want a perfume to touch the soul, reflect the unique personality while evoking emotions, feelings and memories,” he says.

“Fragrance can tell us a lot: who we are, how we feel, how we think, how we behave. Every ingredient counts, as does every moment” – Erez Rozen. Erez Rozen does not seek perfection. He expresses identity through notes and ingredients rather than being influenced by trends around us. The multi-component and dynamic Zielinski & Rozen fragrances are absolutely different from each other in their content and even in their physical properties, they evoke emotional connection, bring forth their own associations, one wishes to recognise them every time, playing with images and styles, choosing the mood of the day. Only the main character of Zielinski & Rozen is unchanged – that’s you.

This autumn, Erez Rozen is finally coming to Europe with the opening of its first boutique along Amsterdam’s canals in the bustling Utrechtsestraat. Upon entering, guests are immersed in craftsmanship through the use of natural materials and are greeted into the world of Zielinski & Rozen. A sense of a place where time seems to slow down and unique scents dissolve the pressures of the outside world.

The boutique showcases a unique range of fragrances consisting of perfumes, diffusers, scented candles, body, hand and hair care products. Each bottle is the personal touch of Zielinski & Rozen’s creators; hand-signed with key ingredients and each product is unique from others with a fragrance of the same name. Zielinski & Rozen’s artistic and creative identity is all about building real community, in collaboration with actors, artists, chefs, designers and musicians. For the Amsterdam boutique, the brand collaborated with Amsterdam-based interior designer Framework Studio and simultaneously launched the brand’s European webshop online. All Zielinski & Rozen fragrances are unisex and prices range between €8.50 and €215 in the boutique and online. www.zielinskiandrozen.com @zielinskiandrozen_official

A selection of Zielinski & Rozen fragrances available in Europe: Black Pepper, Vetiver, Neroli, Amber Rulers do what they like and believe in. Carefree elegant “bohemians”, who appreciate freedom, creativity and comfort. They like to try everything new while stopping at the high point. Without losing the receptivity of a child, they have not forgotten how to wonder and amaze the world around them.

Black Vanilla Dwellers who travelled from east to west. Enchanted by the world, they are sensitive to all its facets, receptive to its vibrations. Their handshake energises and their arms give a sense of security.

MOSS People transform the world around them, attentive to details, confident in their own desires. They are creative but pragmatic. Focused on the future but able to feel the moment, to be the soul and thoughts here and now, time to live in the moment, without losing the flavour of life in the race of the century.

Orange & Jasmine Seductive, elegant and confident characters, as attractive and as impregnable as they are. They are headstrong and wise; the price of this wisdom is the experience that has hardened them. But they regret nothing. They don’t try to please, but they know how to charm. Their daily luxury is the art of being yourself.

Vetiver, Lemon Irresistible individuals with natural appeal and others who look at them fondly. In their looks, no trace of negligence, arbitrariness or haste. The originality of the personality is reflected not in an odd way of behaving, but in the authenticity of one’s own image. Besides the above selection, other fragrances available in Europe will be: – Cedar, Neroli, Amber – Cedarwood, Patchouli, Jasmine – Red Grapefruit, Bergamot, Amber – Rosemary & Lemon – Vetiver, Musk – White Blend – Old Fashion

“Be yourself with every breath”. – Erez Rosen.