“Metallica” was conceived as an idea of a total look, which at the same time is capable of mixing and matching with different styles. The idea stems from the need to expose a historical and social period, which the founder himself, Gabriele Esposito, is experiencing. The conception of the “Metallica” clothing capsule, in fact, is based on the desire of the contemporary man, that is the search for a comfort that is able to blend with sensuality and harmony of the movements, without having to give up his own stylistic expression. The jewels, on the other hand, are a tribute to ancient Greece, a historical period formed by great artists, philosophers and sculptors.The capsule of the jewels in fact, releases strength, audacity and courage, just like that people who centuries ago started the greatness of the human being, underlining in us, the importance of a look towards the past, to make our future great.