ATELÈS: The art of imperfection

ATELÈS means imperfection. We human beings always try to imagine how we can perfect ourselves, our life and everything around us, without realising that it is the imperfect that keeps everything more real.

And also maybe instead of the word perfected I would use ‘improved’ is, as if it were
almost a threat, something to be modified
and perfected 
– that's everything. I didn't want this coection to be part of.

"I tried to use materials such as pearl and iron, which in nature are not perfect basic elements, but leaving them as they are. The pearl wibe untreated, so each one of a kind. The ring is not your usual ring but rather in its distorted form, which would then have to be worked with to create a shape like the one we usuay know, it wibe totay irregular." – Gabriele Esposito

Athe items by “zero three seventeen” are hand made and completely Made in Italy

Lorenzo Fanfani – photographer

Jury Schiavi – Make-up artist

Edoardo Fichicelli – model 

Martina Troni – model