“I am continuously inspired by fragrance – the way it triggers memories, transports to a different setting, and creates emotions. Immersing myself in creating the bold and new certainly excites me, but it is the comfort of iconic classics that inspired me to develop new fragrance-driven products from our treasured favorite fragrance.

The Camellia Sinensis fragrance is our iconic scent that sparked the hotel industry and many others to delve into the power of scent. So for me, it was the logical and the perfect way to start this journey. The calming and soothing notes of this fragrance soon became instantly recognizable and synonymous with ZENOLOGY. The woodiness of Black Tea, the herbaceous notes of Clary Sage, and the depth coming from the mysterious Guaiac Wood create a scent that fits all seasons and adapts to every setting. 

However, during the colder months when the days are darker it adds the much-needed warmth and comfort. That's why I would like to present to you our black limited edition in our iconic Camellia Sinensis fragrance – as a diffuser, scented candle and hand & body cosmetics in 300 ml size including various gift sets in gift boxes designed to re-use.” – Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, Founder and Creative Director

ZENOLOGY presents a new limited black edition packaging in its treasured favorite Camellia Sinensis fragrance. Black tea, made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, will fill any space with its comforting and purifying woody steam.

smells like: Herbal tea  

elements: Black Tea, Clary Sage, Guaiac Wood

perfumer: Fredrik Dalman, In-House Perfumer ZENOLOGY

The collection features cosmetics duo’s in a new 300 ml (10.14 fl.oz.) format and comes in a matt-black square gift box.  ZENOLOGY is also launching new fragrance diffusers (sticks) and a scented candle as a part of the limited black edition that comes in a matt-black cylindrial gift box.