From California to Oasi Zegna: An Exclusive Oasi Cashmere Partnership.

Following the official unveiling of the collection in February with an exclusive event in Paris, ZEGNA and The Elder Statesman have unveiled their new campaign starring Spanish-German actor Daniel Brühl.

The partnership is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue around Oasi Cashmere: a platform to encounter new cultures and visions that are both progressive and responsible. Journeying down a path of innovation and evolution, ZEGNA commits to certifying Oasi Cashmere fibres as 100% traceable by 2024.

Based on a mutual devotion to craft, material excellence and master craftspeople, as well as synchronization with nature, ZEGNA x The Elder Statesman is a collection that expands horizons to take a new stylistic path forward. Representing a merging of two worlds, ZEGNA styles are reimagined in vibrant colours, off-kilter patterns, rich textures and relaxed cuts.

Filmed at ZEGNA’s historic Wool Mill in the heart of Oasi Zegna natural territory — the 100km2 home of the ZEGNA’s values in the Italian Alps — the campaign features Daniel Brühl celebrating his commitment and connection to the nature and the environment. An avid lover of the natural world and long-term friend of the house, Daniel Brühl goes behind the scenes to discover more about the collection’s ethos and impeccable craftsmanship.

“What the visionary Ermenegildo established over a hundred years ago continues to this day. A place where the breathtaking nature and the people living and working there are respected and cherished. If you go to Oasi Zegna you will see the dedicated, passionate expertise of everyone working for ZEGNA. Every thread, every button, every single detail is homemade. The philosophy of the ZEGNA family and the creative mastermind of Alessandro Sartori are the reason why ZEGNA´s men´s fashion is the most outstanding.” – Daniel Brühl

Born in Oasi Zegna, this unique partnership authentically amplifies the essence of ZEGNA’s Oasi Cashmere platform to a new audience and represents an evolution of the house’s founding philosophies centred on sustainability and responsibility. Imbued with a whimsical yet considered quality, the partnership captures the two brands’ shared passion for sophisticated craftsmanship and uncompromising luxury.

The announcement of Brühl as the official face of the campaign sees him as the latest to join ZEGNA’s 232 Community of global creatives, which includes Global Ambassadors Mads Mikkelsen, Leo Wu and Kieran Culkin.