Zegna’s Winter 2023 fashion show was an immersive experience at the heart of the production of Oasi Cashmere fabrics. Zegna highlights the fibres, sourced from Italy’s Oasi Zegna Natural Park, at the core of the clothing production and emphasises the importance of traceability and transparency in the processing of fabrics. This is why matter matters. 

Oasi Zegna represents a quest for excellence and beauty that is captured succinctly in Oasi Cashmere, the ultimate expression of sartorial excellence. Oasi Cashmere development is central to ZEGNA’s Road to Traceability, and the brand is committed to certifying the full traceability of its fibres by 2024.

At ZEGNA I have the unprecedented opportunity to create fabrics from weaving through to finishing, challenging our manufacturers, pushing them to explore uncharted waters. This allows me to mound our silhouettes right from the matter, making sure that our commitment to innovation and excellence is rooted in every step of the process. The result is an all-encompassing language that is truly progressive.

Zegna Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori

The OASI OF CASHMERE is affirmed as a place of artisanal thought, experimentation and progress.