Zalando invites international brands to apply for the Zalando Visionary Award SS25 at Copenhagen Fashion Week on 12th of February. The Zalando Visionary Award recognizes the fashion designers of the future and enables brands to showcase their dedication to creativity, innovation and positive social impact.

Zalando, a leading European e-commerce destination for fashion and lifestyle, invites fashion designers to apply for the SS25 Zalando Visionary Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week with applications opening on the 12th of February, and a deadline to apply by the end of May.

Championing the makers of the future, the award invites designers to showcase their dedication to creativity and design, innovation and positive social impact, supporting them to make meaningful change within the fashion industry.

To be eligible for the award, applicants need to demonstrate how they are making waves in one or more of the following pillars in addition to fulfilling Copenhagen Fashion Week’s sustainability requirements:

  • Creativity and Design: offering a standout visual aesthetic reflecting the brand’s identity and individuality, brought to life from concept to reality through design, prints, patterns and textiles while capturing the zeitgeist.
  • Social Impact: driving diversity, equity and inclusion within their company, advertising campaigns and assortment. Engaging in meaningful conversations, for instance by contributing to social causes, advocating for transparency or amplifying different communities.
  • Innovation: using and championing innovative production techniques to produce forward-thinking collections. Innovative production techniques can include sourcing new materials, introducing new dying techniques and incorporating cutting-edge technology into their supply chain – showcasing the future of fashion.

The winner will be chosen by an international jury consisting of industry thought leaders, representatives from Zalando, and the Copenhagen Fashion Week show committee. The winning brand will become part of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s show schedule for SS25, which will take place in August 2024, and receive a prize of 50,000 euros as well as monetary support for show production.

Lena Sophie Röper, Director of Designer & Luxury at Zalando says “Through the Zalando Visionary Award, we aim to shine a spotlight on those who positively contribute to the fashion industry. I am always so inspired by how innovative and progressive the designs get each year. It shows just how much scope there is for positive change in the industry, and we are committed to driving this forward with the award. I am excited to see how brands will challenge themselves this upcoming SS25 season.”

After winning the SS24 Visionary Award, Zalando partnered with Paolina Russo again this week to reveal the brand’s much-anticipated new collection to consumers and industry experts, featuring a runic-themed presentation with a performance by Esben Weile Kjær.