Words by Demet Kamburoglu

Inspired by the desire to reinterpret the “Golden Age” of film culture, Zalando introduces its latest collection. ‘Cinema Club’ takes over the fashion stage as a heartfelt love letter to Italian cinema. Consisting of sixteen items, the gender-neutral collection pays tribute to seven iconic movie scenes from Italian film masterpieces. The Numéro Netherlands team had the privilege of visiting the collection at its home for the Milan Fashion Week. Having seen the exhibition first-hand, we were thoroughly fascinated by the lines of the fashion story written by two renowned brands. By swiftly combining creativity and design, this collection transcends borders and enlightens a new path of innovation and enthusiasm within the contemporary concept.

Zalando, a leading e-commerce platform founded in Berlin, and Aspesi, an Italian heritage brand and the pioneer of timeless essentials, simultaneously left their unique imprints in the new collection’s creative design. Made in Italy, the collection draws inspiration from Aspesi’s iconic fashion heritage and Zalando’s modern luxury approach. The partnership between two iconic brands steps beyond the conventional rhythm and portrays a dynamic fusion of a cultural story and a unique fashion experience waiting to be unveiled by the viewer. The past’s reflection on the present shines through a creative narrative regarding the free-spirited nature of youth. It’s Italian yet meant for all, classic yet unprecedented, and timeless yet young. ‘Cinema Club’ offers a fresh cut ticket to now for all of us.

The jointly curated collection of sixteen essential items explores fashion as a medium for dynamic storytelling and vivid self-expression. Drawing on memorable film iconography, the genderless wardrobe pieces thoroughly grab our attention in the class of European contemporary culture.

The capsule embodies the DNA of both fashion powerhouses and serves iconic clothing from nylon and cotton shirts to sophisticated pieces such as a bomber jacket and cargo pants. The exclusively designed collection epitomises the effortlessly chic style and represents the lifestyle of the European customers of the brand. Inspired by the quest to reanalyse and interpret the Golden Age film culture for young millennials, the overall imagery of this collaboration brings us back to a stage of bygone moments. The elegantly bold suggestion of design choices sheds light on the interrelated nature of evolving fashion and touching scenery of cinema.

Rooted in timeless artistic vision, the collection aims to evoke nostalgic Italian memoirs for an international audience. Drawing a spiralling line from the classics to the unapologetically renewed fashion, ‘Cinema Club’ presents an innovatory cultural vision through a cinematic framework. The joint collection is available at zalando.com from the 21st of February.