With the spring/summer season approaching and the winter clothes are heading to the back of the closet, renewed styles with unique identity is getting prepared for sunnier weather. The Zalando campaign consists of five creatives and their worlds, including Real Madrid footballer Eduardo Camavinga, model and musician Gabbriette, musician and producer CKTRL, TikTok sensation and model Alex Consani, and crochet artist and producer Henri Purnell.

Taking a look at the quirks and passions of these five, ‘A Taste Of You’ celebrates the unique characteristics that define each individual. It explores how our personal stories can influence not only our style but also our identity. Here are the key fashion trends and personalities that have shaped the campaign for the Spring/Summer season of 2024:

Bringing sportswear into everyday street style, Eduardo has inspired his look based on the trend called ‘bloke core’. You can create this style, as Eduardo demonstrates, by loosely tucking a Nike shirt into your jeans, paired with chunky sneakers – perfect for a relaxed outing. With designers like Paradis showcasing this trend in their collections for the Spring/Summer season of 2024 and the European Championship starting again in June, this laid-back look seems to appeal to many football fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Dark Romance
Inspired by the goth girl trend that has dominated the runways for the past two seasons, Gabbriette embraces the ‘dark romance’ look. The style is edgy but with an added feminine and romantic touch. As seen in the campaign, this look can be embraced with a halter neck lace-up top paired with a latex mini skirt and platform boots. For accessories, stacks of silver rings and large silver hoop earrings complete the look for Dark Romance enthusiasts.

Modern Romanticism
Combining lightweight materials, soft pastel colors, and vibrant contrasting hues, you get the trend of ‘modern romanticism’ – a style presented by designers like Aknavas and Givenchy in their Spring/Summer 24 collections. Worn by Henri, the look can be embraced with a crocheted sweater, light cream-colored jeans, and sneakers with a hint of color for an unexpected twist. With the growing popularity of gender-fluid fashion, crochet and sheer materials play a significant role in Spring/Summer 24 men’s fashion.

New Minimalism
No intricate designs, no tight-fitting clothing, and no more than two colors – the look of Cktrl in the campaign is influenced by his monochromatic style and the trend of quiet luxury that dominated the runways of Spring/Summer 2024, with designers like Ludovic de Saint Sernin incorporating this trend into their collections. For those who resonate with the cool and calm vibe of ‘new minimalism’, the aesthetic can be achieved with timeless classics and everyday items, creating a subtle yet chic look.