ZADIG&VOLTAIRE launches its jewelry line designed with a plethora of creativity. Shaped in its own image, these objects of desire have authenticity as their guiding theme and are declined through six stories gathered around the same impertinent universe. On the verge of subversion, they are the banners of a generation fascinated by the Y2K. ZADIG&VOLTAIRE pays tribute to this period masterfully depicted in Sofia Coppola’s movie The Bling Ring. The campaign is embodied by a clan with bold looks and eminent jewelry. 

Rock Over reveals ZADIG&VOLTAIRE’s ultimate emblem, the wings, in a new light. Delicate in gold, silver and steel gun plating, some are adorned with crystals for a look that is ten times more sophisticated and feminine. The earrings can be worn alone or with a partner, while the bracelet and ring dare to mix metals and offer an even more versatile attitude. 

Rock Feather intensifies the wing design with feather detail. Each piece mixes vermeil with steel grey. The rings and earrings are complemented by two adjustable necklaces that can be worn as a chocker. 

Wild interprets in its own way another symbol of the ZADIG&VOLTAIRE history: the snake. For the first time, the House imagines it as a minimalist design in gold and silver plating, with two shining crystals eyes. Also, in gold or silver, the two rings, the bracelet and the earrings flatter and exalt each other in accumulation. 

Signet Ring is a statement jewel encrusted with a deep black Onyx and three different charms. All of them refer to one of ZADIG&VOLTAIRE’s codes. The snakes whose tails curl up to draw a mesmerizing monogram. The wings are also represented in silver, simply embellished with a rhinestone. Finally, the C shape, inspired by the first name of Cecilia Bönström, the creative director, and of the eponymous bag, which is now a classic of the House. 

Cecilia also has her own story and envisions the leather bag’s buckle as a pounded jewel, crafted in gold and silver plating. As a bracelet, the C becomes a designer band made to be stacked. The earrings are available in three versions: in silver with small piercings, as a mini or maxi gold hoops. Round or square, the ring version enhances the hand in an elegant way and adds a subtle and memorable graphic design to the look. 

ZADIG&VOLTAIRE completes this first collection with a line of necklaces called Mix N Match. On leather links, the different models mix precious stones, crystals or pearls and reveal different charms with shapes and messages faithful to the House’s codes. Like totem jewels, they can be collected and treasured forever.