Imagined as the embodiment of Zadig&Voltaire’s rich heritage, the new watch collection elevates every moment, transporting time into the sophisticated world of Cecilia. Inspired by the creative spirit of Cecilia Bönström, the house’s artistic director, this realm is where fashion meets precision, where style meets substance.

The “Time to Love” range features an exceptional quartz movement developed using Swiss craftsmanship. Its double-turn bracelet is available in patent, smooth, or crocodile-printed leather, while its dial is adorned in silver, gold, or rhinestone-encrusted gold.

The details, far from being incidental, can be found on the side of the dial where the maison’s iconic wings are engraved, and on the push-button where a rhinestone elevates the watch to the rank of a jewel.

It’s not just about telling time; it’s about cherishing every moment, living passionately, and loving endlessly. Experience time, experience luxury, with Zadig&Voltaire.