Three smart new variations on the iconic sunny bag: the Sunny Hobo, Sunny Mood and Sunny Moody are designed as timeless pieces that meet every need. 

The Sunny Hobo, an extra-large stash-all for a busy, working lifestyle, can accommodate all the essentials – and non-essentials – for a packed day at university or in the office.

The Sunny Mood is a mini bag with Y2K accents, featuring a talisman medallion punctuating its baguette form, designed in leather finished with a vintage, italian-made patina. Its strength is in its perfect size, making it versatile for day and night.

The Sunny Moody is based on the sunny mood, with extra volume to make it the ideal, mid-sized day bag, available in a trio of essential colours: black, off-white and red.

The double zips that characterize the line infuse each sunny with the brand’s signature rock spirit, as well as providing extra volume when worn open.