Since its creation, the Parisian fashion house has always been committed to creating an environment that boosts the confidence of those who wear it. Driven by these values, in 2020 the brand founded Art is Hope, a philanthropic program celebrating art in all its shapes. In the wake of this commitment, Zadig&Voltaire is announcing its support for Girl’s Rock SB and will donate 10% of its profits to the American collective throughout the month of March. The donation will support the organization’s work to amplify the creative voices of marginalized women: “Art and creation are motors of life. It was natural and important for us, at Zadig&Voltaire, to support the work of Girls Rock SB during Women’s History Month — to empower young people to move forward in life and lift them up with music.” Cecilia Bönström, Creative Director. In France, the brand is continuing its involvement with another women’s collective, Band Of Sisters, for the second consecutive year. Made up of creative, committed, independent, entrepreneurial and executive women, this community believes in solidarity as a multiplier of opportunities: “Stronger Together”. A strong motto, echoed in the capsule dedicated to this collaboration revealed in May 2022.These long-standing commitments are also reflected at the heart of the house and its board, where 54% of the members are women. 

Photographer: Corentin Leroux 

Model: Diana Helzina