Z aka Cleo Izola is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Miami, Florida. Throughout the years, Z has explored a variety of artistic disciplines. Dating back to the age of 9 years old, she was a competitive dancer for ten years. During her time as a dancer, electronic music became a permanent fixture in her musical inclinations. She began delving into genres such as micro house and techno and was hooked. 

Upon attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she balanced studying film and DJing after classes. During her time at university she discovered her love for imagery as well, specifically fashion photography. Under the name Cleo Izola, she is a creative director and photographer that is bringing innovative fashion portraits to the Miami landscape. In all Z does, she looks for expansion and innovation, always looking to the future of creativity. Make sure to listen to her mix and follow her on Instagram. 

Photography profile: @cleo.izola

Instagram: @zeeraphim

“In birthing sonic experiences, precise technique and true passion is displayed in her work ” by CELINE

Check out her mix here

Photography by Cleo Izola