Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is proud to present the newest offering in its masculine Y fragrance range: Y EAU FRAÎCHE. The coolest answer yet for the guy with the why. Because all the best things in life start with a question. Because in 2020, as we roll into a new decade, it’s time to get back to the origins of self-accomplishment. The chase for inspiration. The reason why we go ahead.

Y EAU FRAÎCHE expresses that first, energizing rush of creativity with a shot of crisp, icy notes – lemon and geranium splashing against clean, strong peppermint and cedarwood. Y EAU FRAÎCHE offers a fresh, energizing take on the masculine fragrance launched in 2017 by YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ for the seekers and makers of Generation Y. Turning the first letter of Yves Saint Laurent’s name into a question, Y EAU DE TOILETTE moved forward by going back to the very start of the brand’s history. In 2020, Y gets a cool new inspiration with Y EAU FRAÎCHE.

Bracing as an ocean breeze on a California beach, Y EAU FRAÎCHE captures the spirit of a man on a quest for self- accomplishment. Young, e ortlessly cool, yet deeply driven by his creative journey. Always on the brink of a new idea. Always meeting the world with fresh eyes. Chasing inspiration. Experimenting. Eager to find his purpose. To give meaning to his quest. Because everything starts with a question. How do I live? Where do I go? What do I love? Who do I want to be? Because everything in life that’s worth pursuing starts with a question, he’ll go on asking them. And he’ll find his answer by forging his own path. He knows he’ll have a story to tell in his own, unique voice.

Music is his fuel. His deep-set drive. Where talent and passion meet. Chasing inspiration is what keeps him going. The only way he feels fully himself. That’s why he sings. That’s why he lives. Adam Levine is the guy with the “why”. The L.A.-born performing artist renews his collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, fronting Y EAU FRAÎCHE a er a first stint in 2018 as the ambassador of Y EAU DE PARFUM. In the print campaign shot by Loïc Peoch, the black-clad lead singer of Maroon 5 stands against the cool blue sky of Venice Beach under the balmy winter sun. The new digital campaign showcases the gritty California cool embodied by the black-clad Levine. A palm tree seen from a rushing convertible, tall and sleek against a sunny sky. The crashing chords of a black & white guitar. As an ice-blue skateboard inscribed with the letter Y rips through crystal-clear ocean waves lapping on white sand, white geranium flowers, yellow lemon slices, green peppermint leaves and tawny slivers of cedar bark burst through blocks of ice… Vivid visual cues of all the ingredients of Y EAU FRAICHE that bring the scent’s vibrant freshness alive to the senses.