Words by Anano Shalamberidze

YUME YUME’s eye-catching designs have become somewhat of an It-Girl must-have since their launch, garnering the attention of self-proclaimed shoe enthusiasts and fashionistas, what seems like pretty much everywhere around the globe. The creatively quirky designs that resemble the kind of accessories that cartoon characters wear and that we often dream about, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are sure to transport you to a shoe-heaven. “An ode to those who have a nature for sparking interest and curiosity. An act of love for originality.” states the brand’s “about us” page and the sentence alone seems to encapsulate the spirit of YUME YUME.

Dutch-based but loved internationally, YUME YUME is inviting you to give extra love for yourself for Valentine’s Day:

Self-love is about appreciating who you are. We embrace this by creating designs to express yourselves through fashion. An ode to those who have a nature for sparking interest and curiosity. An act of love for originality.
The Love Heel represents the state of love while having a good time. Our way to spread love within our community. 
We have more love to give, introducing our Love Boot. 
Our signature 3D heart heel is used underneath this new upper silhouette.
The heart-shaped heel is one of our favorites and we want everyone to enjoy our Love styles. Love is for everyone and has no exceptions.

Kathelyn Ahn, also known as Killla Kate, is an artist, designer, stylist, and creative director. Her paintings and abstract pieces are mostly self-portraits. YUME YUME’s Love Heel features Kate’s ‘Nudles’ print on the upper and 3D heart heel, bringing Kate’s unique vision to the brand’s most iconic piece. The Camp Shoe Mid ‘Laced’ and the Fisherman Boot ‘Mini Me’ also feature Kate’s art piece. Dropping in stores from March 2023.