Amsterdam-based brand YUME YUME is set to make history with the debut of the world's first head-to-toe outfit crafted entirely from MycoWorks' groundbreaking ReishiTM, a revolutionary biomaterial. This pioneering collection will be showcased at Buro Stedelijk from November 30, 2023, to January 25, 2024, in a multi-sensory celebration of mycelium innovation.

YUME YUME, recognized for its bold and functional designs, is breaking new ground in the fashion industry by presenting a complete outfit made from ReishiTM, MycoWorks’ cutting-edge mycelium leather. This innovative collection, featuring a trench coat, signature boots, and a supersize mushroom hat, will be unveiled at Buro Stedelijk from November 30, 2023, to January 25, 2024.

YUME YUME’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its exploration of alternative materials. This collaboration with MycoWorks marks a significant shift in the brand’s design philosophy, aligning with the principles of biofabrication and creating products that have a lower environmental impact.

The head-to-toe ensemble, comprising the Grown by Nature Trench, Fisherman Boots, and Mushroom Hat, showcases the creative possibilities of ReishiTM, a biomaterial grown from MycoWorks’ Fine MyceliumTM. This material, developed through years of biotechnological research, forms the basis of an avant-garde collection that transcends traditional fashion boundaries.

Xavier Gallego, Creative Director at MycoWorks, expressed, “Developing YUME YUME designs made with ReishiTM to show at Buro Stedelijk has given MycoWorks the chance to return to its roots: skillfully crafting mycelium into works of art. YUME YUME has appreciated the creative and unexpected properties of mycelium, embracing the endless possibilities and countless forms that it can take on.”

The ‘Descent into Fungal’ exhibition at Buro Stedelijk not only marks a milestone in biomaterial fashion but also introduces an immersive mycelium installation. This installation aims to engage visitors with the material in a tactile and experiential manner, providing insights into its ecological and technological significance.

The exhibition, running until January 25, 2024, will showcase the mycelium’s real-time reactions to human emotions, touch, sound, and light. Artists from various disciplines will present performances highlighting each of the five senses, demonstrating mycelium’s sensitivity and underscoring the importance of treating nature and one another with care.

Eva Korsten, YUME YUME co-founder and Creative Director, shared her excitement about the project: “Making design pieces entirely with ReishiTM shows that a different future in fashion is possible. Giving full visibility to the pure beauty of the mycelium material, I’m very excited to have the ReishiTM styles at Buro Stedelijk, to share with visitors of what we’ve learned so far and hopefully raise awareness around fashion choices.”

Buro Stedelijk, as an experimental art space initiated by the Stedelijk Museum, plays host to this extraordinary collaboration. Rita Ouédraogo, Buro Stedelijk curator, remarked, “YUME YUME’s immersive installation at Buro Stedelijk transcends traditional materialization, intertwining a mycelium floor and mesmerizing microscopic mycelium growth videos. In this symbiotic space, the audience becomes part of the mycelium narrative, fostering a connection that transcends mere observation – a true celebration of co-creation and material care.”

As the fashion industry undergoes a shift towards sustainable practices, YUME YUME’s collaboration with MycoWorks at Buro Stedelijk stands as a testament to the possibilities of mycelium in shaping a future where garments are not produced but grown by nature. This innovative exhibition invites visitors to explore the intersection of art, design, and materials science, opening a gateway to a more sustainable and conscious fashion landscape.