Dutch Design week (DDW) is one of the most significant design festivals globally. It serves as a meeting point for professionals and the public, providing a glimpse into the future of design and its potential impact on our lives. It encourages dialogue, inspiration, and collaboration while pushing the boundaries of design thinking.

Dutch Design Week is inseparably linked with Eindhoven, the city where industry, technology, and art collide. During these nine days in late October, the city of Eindhoven transforms into a hub for creative exploration, featuring exhibitions, studio visits, workshops, seminars, and parties. We are excited to share some of the must-see highlights, especially for those planning to make the most of their weekend by attending the last two days of DDW. Get ready for an unforgettable and inspiring experience.

NRE Gashouder 43A 5611CR Eindhoven

Bart Hess invites you to his universe, by putting on virtual glasses and immersing yourself in ‘Wave’ a psychedelic, immersive dance film. In this unique experience, the dancer’s body undergoes a captivating transformation through the use of repetition, delays, and frame repositioning. As you explore every corner, you’ll be captivated by the dancers’ movements.

There’s a hypnotic power at play here, much like the trance I fall into when I stare at the intricate patterns of water and fire, where time seems to slip away. With the 360-degree view, you can keep looking around, almost wishing it would never end. For “Wave,” Bart Hess collaborated with dancer and choreographer Sedrig Verwoert.

Visit Bart Hess his work here

MU Hybrid Art House, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven

If you set foot inside MAISON the FAUX’S TIMELESSTIME, you are swept into a remarkable dimension where feelings of discomfort and wonder breathe side by side. This presentation seamlessly weaves together fashion, art, and performance. The space is divided into various dimensions, each leaving a distinct impact on your senses. From thought-provoking abstract visuals to playful combinations of light and sound, and even a unique scent that harmonizes with the ambiance, the space plays with the paradox of time in our hyper-connected world, leaving us with a blurred sense of reality regarding time and place.

Tessa de Boer and Joris Suk, the minds behind MAISON the FAUX, focus on the artificial and the simulated, questioning the essence of authenticity. They raise the question: “What makes the real real and genuine and the artificial FAUX?” This ten-year celebration by MAISON the FAUX seeks to disrupt conventional notions of time and identity, striving to break free from rigid systems. 

Visit MAISON the FAUX here

Fuutlaan 12c Fuutlaan 12c 5613AB Eindhoven

All of the images above – a concept of The Visionary Lab, pre-used chair from Vitra, repurposed denim from Levi’s®

As DDW is the platform where creative minds shape a brighter future, “Icons Re-Outfitted” is a project designed to blend design, fashion, and storytelling while drawing attention to the issue of textile waste. This showcase features the work of fashion designers and artists – Nkwo Onwuka, Hannah Brabon, Kelly Konings, Tim Dekkers, Sophie Cagniart, Barbara Polderman, Sarmite Polakova, and Norman Monsanto – who have transformed pre-used masterpieces from the high-end furniture manufacturer Vitra.

Initiated and curated by the creative studio, The Visionary Lab, this project breathes new life into iconic chairs by luminaries like Charles & Ray Eames, Verner Panton, and George Nelson, giving them bold new looks crafted from pre-loved denim provided by Levi’s®, a renowned name in the world of jeans.

Each upcycled chair stands as a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and discovering beauty in unexpected places, challenging traditional norms.

Fuutlaan 12 5613 AB Eindhoven

Next door to Icons Re/outfitted, you’ll find the Design Perron, where young designers, collectives, and brands come together to show their work. You can also grab a bite to eat, have a drink, or take a Renault ride to another DDW location. One highlight here was the work of Marvin Beekman. 

WA(I)ST – Marvin Beekman

It’s a good thing that vintage clothing is becoming more popular, but have you ever thought about the clothes that even vintage stores won’t sell? Well, Marvin Beekman did. He made a whole collection using clothing that vintage shops consider as trash. He says, “I’m always on the lookout for interesting shapes, fun designs, and how fabrics can work with the human body. With these tools, I try to create the shapes I envision.” His collection, called Wa(i)st, is a feast for the eyes, featuring playful shapes, different layers, and beautiful textures for a party around the waist.

VEEM floor 8 Torenallee 100 5617BE Eindhoven

Filled with a variety of projects by young talents, Manifestations explores the crux of art and technology, urging us to reflect on how deeply technology influences our lives. The range of works is diverse and engaging, featuring a “dickpick” Photo Booth, a sensory escape cocoon, and an exploration of cancel culture. But one project stood out, making your visit worthwhile. “We Never Change” by Nonna Hoogland.


Nonna Hoogland’s exploration of Greek mythology in her hand-painted vases – “Berghain Bacchanal,” “Felt Cute Might Delete,” “Male Tragedy,” “Well… She Shouldn’t Have Been Naked,” and “Golden Shower” – reveal enduring human narratives. By drawing connections between Greek myths and contemporary life, she examines the ever-evolving norms and values surrounding these themes.

Through thought-provoking symbolism, these vases challenge us to think about why certain themes persist throughout human history. They draw connections between the past and today. With relevant topics such as victim blaming like with the story of Medusa, powerful people like Zeus getting away with things they shouldn’t, or the wild parties at Berghain that remind us of Roman Bacchanalia. Looking at these vases you can endlessly draw parallels between the past and present, and see that indeed humans never change.

Photo credits: Jasper Zijlstra
Visit Nonna her work here

KAZERNE – Home of Design
Paradijslaan 2-8, 5611 KN Eindhoven

During DDW’23, Kazerne Home of Design serves as the ultimate gathering spot for design professionals and enthusiasts alike. Here you can enjoy amazing design, indulge in the best food and drinks, or even stay the night. This is the ultimate ending of a long day walking around the city. 

You have until Sunday, October 29 so do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on a weekend full of inspiration while strolling through the city of Eindhoven.

For more information please visit DDW online here.