Vancouver-based duo Young Bombs returns to the release radar unveiling their newest single, ‘Bad’ featuring Discrete and Alex Hosking.

Known for their unique blend of pop and electronic music, the duo has been making waves within the dance music scene, performing at major festivals including Lollapalooza and Firefly, with over 200 million streams on Spotify, the duo has amassed a dedicated following by pushing boundaries and breaking barriers with their distinct signature sound. Guaranteed to ignite dancefloors worldwide with its infectious beats and irresistible rhythm, ‘Bad’ out now via Sony Music Entertainment Canada.

Immediately kicking off with an alluring female vocal cut perfectly paired alongside a funk-infused string riff, ‘Bad’ is a high-energy and electrifying production that showcases Young Bombs dynamic and energetic sound design.


To complement the release of ‘Bad’, Young Bombs will unveil on March 30 a vibrant music video to accompany their latest offering, and it is a retro, groovy delight. The captivating visual accompaniment directed by Matthew Laeng takes us back to the soulful 70’s, depicting the duo dressed in funky outfits that perfectly capture the era’s vibe. Throughout the video, we get glimpses of the duo living their best lives, with shots captured on a handheld camera that add to the authenticity of the retro theme. The music video perfectly captures the essence of the track, with its groovy beats and sultry vocals flawlessly complementing the vintage 70’s inspired aesthetic.