The YENTSÉ AW23 Collection draws inspiration from the moon’s symbolism and serene curves. The campaign, set in Belgium, seeks to create tension, intrigue, and emotion in a calm and classy manner. Exploring the interconnectedness of Earth, Moon, and Sun, the collection reflects on the influence of celestial bodies on life. Cultures, viewed as guiding forces, assign unique symbolic meanings to the moon, shaping diverse stories.

YENTSÉ blends eastern and western aesthetics, presenting highly considered pieces for men and women. The collection features silhouettes reflecting the moon’s sphere, with a fusion of restrained collars, long lines, and fluid tailoring. Playfulness emerges in textural contrasts, such as heavy and light fabrics. The palette mirrors the moon’s phases, with golden light and earthen dark tones. Men’s pieces include puffed blouson jackets, cashmere tailoring, and modular hybrids, while women’s designs showcase unique necklines, tailored coats, and voluminous tunics.

The collection aims for timeless elegance, mirroring the enduring mystery and majesty of the moon, transcending temporal and spatial constraints, connecting only to a planet with infinite phases.