Yenesai S/S25 runway took us on a post-apocalyptic journey, where society is gone and humans strive to survive. The future nomad, an ethereal entity inhabitant of a destroyed Earth is at the heart of the collection. In order to bring to life garments allowing action and movement while being at the cutting edge of style.

Technology is a standpoint in the brand’s aesthetic, the armour-like layering evoking a science-fiction hero and 3D printed accessories such as the cyborg hand clasp could be featured in a blockbuster movie. The cutting of the garments brings a very dystopian look to the presentation, flecked fabrics, clear resin, iridescent insert panels and gemstones play with texture for an additional layer of creativity to the garments. Mesh was the star of the show, worn close to the body for a fascinating silhouette, enhanced with lines to create movement.  

Every pattern, material or cut is a trip through space and time, in a fantasy of galactic adventures and spatial discoveries. Intricate paneling sported on a long mesh dress and jumpsuit closed the show, showcasing the future nomad strolling around this devastated world, definitely on an important quest.