Yannis Sergakis presents his new collection

You may see this girl walking in the Parisian lighted alleys or strolling barefoot on one of the Greek islands known for its hues of blue. She’s merging in a 70’s setting, showing off her elegance, revealed by her simplicity. Not imposing her style, but wearing it in the most nuanced and subtle way. A touch of black here, a touch of white there, exhibiting her very own and unique version of modernity.

Diamonds that work for every day. Delicate, elegant, ethereal, designed to be worn, instead of over-shadowing the one wearing them. Pieces that de ne the concept of discreet luxury and intriguing simplicity; craftsmanship defined by pace and dedication. Each piece is introduced in its own time; when it is perfect and ready to leave the workshop. Inspiration is drawn from beautiful moments, a book, a stroll, a sweet night, conversations with friends, laughs, the sparkleof a Cycladic wine, islands, emotions. The challenge is how the two eternal symbols, gold and diamonds, can create a design that best captures these emotions every time.

About Yannis Sergakis:

Born literally into precious stones – the lifelong Athenian spent his childhood in the showroom of his diamond trader uncles – Yannis still relishesseeing diamonds sparkle every day. A love affair first expressed through collecting and trading, much laterthrough designing. Having gone through a full diamond circle, he shifted to launch his own brand, evolving ideas that grew from his background and Greece’s notable heritage in jewellery-making, yet driven by his ability to create pieces with both a sense of past craftsmanship and a contemporary energy.

A testament to his impact is the popularity of the house’s signature Charnières, an early reveal of his point of view in wearable ne jewellery design. A buy-less advocate, Yannis truly wishes for people to take the time to appreciate and enjoy each single piece that comes into theirhands.

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