In a groundbreaking move towards circularity, Y/PROJECT, the avant-garde Parisian label designed by Glenn Martens, announces a strategic partnership with Arianee and Maison Neyret. Together, they unveil a revolutionary leap in sustainable fashion – Blockchain-based Digital Product Passports (DPP) for denim items within the Y/PROJECT Evergreen collection. This marks a significant milestone in the intersection of fashion and technology, bringing forth a new era of transparency and sustainability in the industry.

Unveiling the future of fashion: Y/PROJECT’s Evergreen collection goes digital

Committed to reducing environmental impact, Y/PROJECT’s Evergreen collection champions ethical manufacturing, prioritizing low-impact materials, and sustainable practices. Since its inception in 2020, the Y/PROJECT Evergreen collection has redefined wardrobe essentials by curating timeless pieces with iconic styles meant to be versatile. This carefully crafted collection goes beyond fleeting trends, as each design is meticulously conceived to defy obsolescence, ensuring they stand the test of time in your closet. The introduction of Digital Product Passports, powered by Arianee’s cutting-edge technology and Maison Neyret’s expertise, marks a pivotal moment for the brand, allowing customers unprecedented transparency into the journey of their chosen garments. Available at

Maison Neyret’s smart tags and product cloud Scalabel, combined with Arianee’s digital product passports, seamlessly integrate digital features into the Evergreen collection. After scanning a unique QR code, clients gain immediate access to their Digital Product Passport, ensuring a quick and immersive onboarding experience.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO, states, “This partnership will help Y/PROJECT make second hand a true channel, gather precious insights, and reduce their cost of acquisition. We are delighted to combine our technology with Maison Neyret’s savoir-faire to enable Y/PROJECT to launch their first Digital Product Passports, thus making fashion more sustainable.”

Ahead of the curve: Y/PROJECT launches digital product passports ahead of DDP regulation

As the fashion industry braces for the DPP regulation set to take effect by 2027, Y/PROJECT takes a bold stride forward by introducing its first Digital Product Passports. This visionary move not only aligns with impending regulations but elevates the brand’s commitment to circularity, enhancing customer knowledge across wholesale and second-hand channels.

Pascal Conte-Jodra, Y/PROJECT CEO, affirms, “Pushing fashion’s boundaries must go hand in hand with committing to sustainability. Digital Product Passports, in collaboration with Arianee and Maison Neyret, offer us a fantastic opportunity to bring a new dimension to the circular economy in fashion.”

Y/PROJECT’s digital product passport unleashes exclusive features

Clients can effortlessly obtain their Digital Product Passport with just two clicks, experiencing a password-less and self-custody process. The unique 2FA identification code, securely placed in the item’s packaging, adds an extra layer of authenticity. Unlocking exclusive blockchain-enabled features, clients now own not only their physical item but also gain access to:

  • Authenticity & Ownership: Proof of genuine Y/PROJECT items and unique ownership.
  • Product History: A tamper-resistant record of the product’s lifecycle.
  • Transparency: Comprehensive information from raw material sourcing to the finished item.
  • Transfer of Ownership: Facilitating resale in a circular economy.
  • Ownership-Based Messages: Personalized invitations, offers, and information from the brand.

Benoit NEYRET, Maison Neyret CEO, emphasizes, “The implementation of circular economy solutions must be carried out by an experienced industrial company, capable of supporting the brand from the idea to its concrete implementation, both at the digital and physical sides. We are happy to play this role with Arianee for Y/PROJECT and to contribute to building the fashion of tomorrow.”