Lengthen, lift and define your lashes with Magic Definition Lengthening Mascara. The smudge-proof formula coats each lash with arginine providing extra nourishment. Its signature double-action brush features extended bristles that fan out lashes individually. Swipe on for instantly longer-looking lashes.

Vegan & animal-friendly. Paraben & silicone-free.

What makes it magic:

Arginine – Nourishes & fortifies each lash

Shea butter – Conditions & softens the hair

Glycerin – Hydrates & supports the lashes

How to Apply

Starting at the base of the lashes, pull the mascara brush through from root to tip.

Layer until you’ve reached the desired effect.

Repeat on bottom lashes. If you usually use an eyelash curler before application, go ahead & curl your lashes beforehand!


Instantly lengthens, seperates & defines your lashes

Clump, flake & smudge-proof Water-resistant formula

Vegan & animal-friendly

Clean@Sephora certified

Paraben & silicone-free”