WWD Korea and Seoul Business Agency recently co-hosted the groundbreaking Runway to Seoul event at DDP Oullim Square. This futuristic fashion extravaganza featured fashion shows, K-pop performances, and immersive digital experiences. It aimed to showcase Korean fashion and culture on a global stage.

The runway featured designs from acclaimed brands like 8 by Yoox, L.e.e.y, Oridnarypeople, Nache, Niche2night, Kowgi, and Mina Chung. Runway to Seoul also introduced innovative AR/XR experiential fashion booths, turning garments into interactive 3D art objects.

“WWD Korea’s Runway to Seoul event is a spectacular fusion merging the very best of K-culture—where fashion, music, technology, and entertainment converge in perfect unison. Our vision is to showcase for the next generation a celebration of creativity and innovation. WWD Korea as a cultural ambassador is passionately dedicated to expanding Runway to Seoul, weaving the vibrant Korean artistry and culture, bridging fashion, music, technology, and entertainment, to the world stage.” 

Yuna Kim, publisher of WWD Korea

The event sparkled with performances by K-pop group Kiss of Life, DJ250, hip-hop artist Kimximyada, and dance group D’Auspice. Notable guests included industry figures and celebrities, including Shanghai Ontimeshow. Collaborative efforts with partners such as Hera, Juno Hair, Seven Broye, Dipe, Galleriex, Backslash, and Mirrorloid ensured a seamless blend of creativity and entertainment.

While the event started in Seoul, the vision is to expand it to fashion capitals like New York, Paris, and Milan, promoting Korean culture and fashion globally.