MGallery, a collection of boutique hotels, celebrated last night their latest brand campaign at INK Hotel Amsterdam telling #StoriesThatSay through a unique and immersive pop-up experience.

ICON-INK was an event that invited the audience to immerse themselves in the unique history of the INK Hotel and its creative energy, while showcasing the beauty of art and personal expression. The evening was an unforgettable and iconic journey.

From calligraphy to typewriting, the guests were transported on a written journey throughout the night. An immersive show, where you were invited to write the next chapter and become part of the history of this iconic hotel.
The smell of ink and paper filled the air, with the clacking of typewriter keys in the background.

The night was a hypnotic experience, during which all guests were invited to take part in the performances : from live poet performance, to live typewriters, by live paintings and calligraphy, people were surrounded by art throughout the night. The evening was hosted by an expert storyteller and all the receptionists of the INK Hotel were dressed in a special uniform, which made you feel like you were part of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

photographer STEPHANE SBY BALMY @sbyconnection