Wrangler launches Texas slim, with an incredible campaign that inspired you to live with the courage to take risks and live to the fullest. 

For 30 years, Wrangler’s Texas jeans have been a best-selling fit. Now the denim icon introduces the Texas Slim, a new slimmer version for men. With a regular fit through the thigh, but cut slim on the leg, it includes all the authentic and relaxed elements of the original but with a contemporary, streamlined fit, keeping the heritage alive.

To mark the launch, Wrangler creates a campaign to honor the daring and freedom of the America’s last few travelling motorcycle stunt shows. It aligns with Wrangler’s new global Wear with AbandonTM campaign, which celebrates the inspiring idea that life bursts with opportunity and adventure when you live with a spirit of risk and courage.

In the early 1900's, motordromes became a popular carnival sideshow at state and county fairs across the United States. Inside the wooden drome, known as the Wall of Death, spectators watch from above as riders orbit its vertical walls on antique motorcycles in a heady mix of speed, noise and adrenaline. Defying death – and gravity. In the first half of the twentieth century there were hundreds of motordromes – now there are just a handful, a travelling piece of Americana, keeping this thrilling piece of motorcycle history alive. The riders trust each other with their lives. They hare stories of the road, broken bones, and a passion for a life of risk and adventure. Going from state to state, bringing heart-stopping danger and the romance of their nomadic lives to small-town America, the team set up and take down the motordrome together – always wearing Wranglers, engineered for hard, heavy work, and with enduring authentic Western style.

Wrangler is the iconic denim cowboy brand, created in 1947 to serve cowboys and ranch workers, but soon adopted by rebels and trailblazers. Wrangler recognizes this spirit in the America’s motordrome riders, the men (and sometimes women) risking their lives to thrill a crowd, who are ensuring this way of life survives into a new generation.

"Cowboys on steel, always in Wranglers."

Timotej Letonja