Woolrich continues to celebrate its love of Americana and nature with the new campaign which spotlights the collection crafted to embrace the elements and dive into the unknown. The Fall/Winter 2022 Advertising campaign is a manifesto for a community that wants to connect with nature and embrace the great outdoors.

Focusing on wilderness, and landscapes that inspire our collection, we explore the concept of ‘The Outsiders’ through a group of adventurers featuring our garments in the outdoors. ‘The Outsiders’ explores escaping our own minds, and our own perception of our reality and world in order to discover what lies beyond the self through our photography and video campaign.

We reconnect with nature and people who share our values by stepping outside of our own barriers and confines. Shot throughout various locations across Wyoming, USA- Red Rock Ranch, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Colter Bay, and Curtis Canyon our story comes alive, where each location is tied to one of our talents.

The concept of ‘The Outsiders is interpreted by four talents who share the same ideals and values with Woolrich: Dajana Radovanovic, Alexina Graham, Alex Ordonez, and Nathaniel Atakora Martin, who were joined on set by their friends, portrayed with them in the campaign.

Dajana Radovanovic is a model, creative and certified holistic health coach living in Los Angeles, California. As the founder of Dajana’s Health Club — a spirited, educational space that provides the information and tools to help and inspire others on their own health journey she explores creative and unconventional approaches to holistic living and nutrition education. She loves to explore the outdoors —hiking, camping, mountain biking, cooking in nature, etc. — to create a balanced lifestyle for herself.

Alexina Graham is an English fashion model, mental health advocate and founder of XINA, a clothing brand committed to supporting mental health. Her involvement with mental wellbeing and suicide prevention led her to work closely with UK charity Beder UK. She finds that nature can be healing, and that the calming energy of the great outdoors can help clear your mind and free your spirit.

Alex Ordonez is a model, fashion designer and co-founder of LA-based luxury clothing brand Wish Me Luck – a brand that uplifts and empowers individuals to create their own luck. His own ambition and passion for fashion led him to pursue his dreams despite the criticism and obstacles he faced along the way. The great outdoors and the people he finds in it are constantly inspiring Alex.

Nathaniel Atakora Martin is a Squamish-based freelance photographer. With a focus on vast landscapes and how people connect and interact with them, Nathaniel’s unique aesthetic and propensity for adventure have taken him all over. His ambitious spirit pushes him to explore tougher terrains and experience nature in different ways, allowing him to form a deep and personal connection with the great outdoors.

Directed by a team of Los Angeles based creative, the campaign was shot by director Clara Balzary and cinematographer Robbie Corral, who work side by side and cooperate as one when it comes to their visions of a shared project. Anda & Masha created the looks: the stylist duo was able to integrate streetstyle savvy into on-trend wardrobe making them a perfect fit for our story.

The Fall/Winter 2022 campaign is a tribute to all the outsiders, people with different styles and approaches with a passion in common: being inspired by the outdoors. Immerse yourself in a rainbow of colors, elements, and human interactions.