“SolidAir” Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What began as an end of Summer lament, a postcard to absent friends, grew to include more significant elements; a moment of reflection and catharsis.

Clothes can do this. As much as they can provide celebration and excitement they can also supply pause. After all, we still refer to them in ‘seasons’.

For WOOD WOOD, the SS24 collection came to symbolize precisely this; an inventory, a review of friendships and dreams unfulfilled while laying the ground for new hopes, new plans.

The excitement will come. But for now…reflection. Solidarity.

In the spirit of a capricious Copenhagen Summer the color palette explores variations of gray from beach-stone and storm-cloud to granite and cement punctuated by swathes of sky blue and cornflower with bursts of bright, juicy orange.

Recent WOOD WOOD collections have explored a broad range of fabric development and SS24 does not disappoint; from a unique leather-like waxed denim through linen and light-wool pinstripe suiting to neoprene and viscose mesh. Crushed cotton, both in actual and trompe l’oeil printed form add texture and nuance to shirting and simple summer dresses. A crochet ribbon detail juxtaposes a touch of vintage handcraft detail with a sporty modern vibe.

Bracketed by extremes of fluidity and constrained, the main body of the collection remains casual with touches of relaxed tailoring, romantic drapes and hard leather.

“I know you, I love you I’ll be your friend

I could follow you anywhere Even through solid air”.

Solid Air – John Martyn

published by Nadia ten Hove