BYBORRE launches a new global initiative together with a consortium of partners to democratize the textile supply chain to global and emerging brands, industry trailblazers and young talent.

BYBORRE, a textile platform for bespoke and responsible textiles headquartered in Amsterdam, launched The Window of Textile OpportunitiesTM (WoTOTM). The WoTOTM showroom represents a worldwide transparent ecosystem of supply chain stakeholders and industry changemakers, housing permanent exhibitions of the partners, such as The Woolmark Company and Parley for the Oceans.

Through this ongoing collaboration, the partners of WoTOTM are joining forces to lead the responsibility movement and challenge the industry for the better together, creating an open-source mentality in the textile industry. The partners are committed to responsible, low-impact access to textile design and production for all creators that work- or want to work with textile. The showroom is there to facilitate a unique program where leading industry changemakers give access to their knowledge, textile development processes, design tools and responsible ingredients.

“WoTOTM creates an open-source environment that is focused on other brands' products and allows them to access textile creation technology of supply chain stakeholders and industry leaders" – Borre Akkersdijk, CCO and Co-founder, BYBORRE

The ultimate goal is to enable and educate an entire generation of creators to design more fit for purpose and responsible textiles. Therefore WoTOTM has formed partnerships with leading universities around the world as well to connect with the changemakers of the future, including FIT and Parsons (United States), Amsterdam Fashion Institute (The Netherlands), London College of Fashion (United Kingdom) and others who will participate in the program and host workshops, seminars and other events.

Change is needed in the industry but proven to be difficult because of an inaccessible supply chain, limited creativity, a lack of validation opportunities and subsequent access to the market. WoTOTM opens the door for all industry silos to look at the bigger picture: creating more consciously for a healthier earth.