The Wild Rose high jewellery collection designed by artistic director Charlotte Lynggaard depicts the uncontrived luxury of nature.

Meticulously created by hand by master goldsmith, the satinised gold petals delicately render the silky texture and natural curves of a simple wild English roseThis perfect flower crafted from 18K gold, appears to have been picked directly from a delicate garden and is an understated piece of splendour.

The brooch is a celebration of modern statement jewellery, featuring a slender, diamond-paved stem adorned with 90 diamonds and delicate, hand-satinised gold petals. 

The earrings convert into a true statement piece with a diamond or coloured precious stone pendant.

A breath-taking trophy piece for a very special occasion is the Wild Rose Tiara. The design features a ravishing palette of hues and textures. Blooming sprouts in light yellow amber, coral, grey and blush moonstone beautifully bring out the sparkle and fire of 136 diamonds set in pavé sprouts and pellets. An irresistible enhancer of female beauty on an unforgettable day.