The hermès SS24 collection is soft and sweet as a summer breeze, stirred by a tender strength. Clothing as architecture. The look is constructed with the weightlessness of daylight, of openwork. Pieces are revealed through an innovative cut, a caressing texture, the nuance of a colour or the boldness of superimposition and volume. The silhouette comes alive with the clothes we inhabit.

Bodies are free: we dare to wear shorts, jackets, and short trench coats. We indulge in slightly longer jackets and
slim trousers. We embark on summer adventures with tunics and beach blazers in technical fabric with parasol stripes. We pair jackets with rounded cuts and rolled-up trousers. We choose loose knits for the cooler hours and heavy silks for summer nights.

Just as light plays with space, creating shadows and tracing patterns, here it caresses the skin and the reversible leathers; it reveals transparencies; it discloses the subtle layering
and relief effects of materials; it highlights the flair of a shirt cut from a twill scarf and the contrasts between silk, cotton, technical fabrics and cashmere.

The palette is mineral: desert, steam, ice, sage. The colours intermingle, responding to and reflecting each other.
Everything vibrates gently: technical fabrics frolic with summery iridescence; the mosaics of 24, faubourg Saint-Honoré translate into openwork motifs; topstitching chimes in; pockets draw oblique strokes; leather oscillations make themselves at home on a mesh knit, crocheted inserts on another.

The summer is serene and joyful, the air is cool, the allure unequivocally sensual.