Those who want to be more conscious about their clothing and shopping habits and are not sure where to start can visit the Westfield Good Festival at Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands from May 18 to 29. During this multi-day event, Westfield will introduce visitors to more responsible ways of consuming with special promotions and workshops in an approachable way. Conscious choices can be just as stylish while making a big impact.

The Westfield Good Festival is organized across Europe based on the realization that many consumers want to make responsible life choices, but are not sure where to start. Under the motto “a fun step for you, a good change for all,” the Westfield Good Festival inspires every Westfield visitor to stylishly make more responsible purchasing choices and contribute to a better environment or the (local) community. Through attractive promotions by the various brands in Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands, inspiring presentations by various nationally known names and sustainable experiences, every visitor will be enthused to take a step themselves.

This includes live customizing workshops by Studio {Taide}, known for their creative and innovative methods of customizing and upcycling clothing. During the workshops, they show how used clothing can be revived and how you can develop your own style with it. By using clothes sustainably, you can create an iconic wardrobe that no one else has. Don’t miss thisworkshop if you love fashion, sustainability and innovation.

Top stylist Danie Bles will also be present at Westfield Good Festival. She will show how mixing and matching new garments with items you’ve had for years can create a unique look”I teach people to shop in their own closets” Bles said. “That way you can breathe new life into old and forgotten items. ‘your own wardrobe’ that’s the most fun there is. Handling fashion in a sustainable way is where we have to go”

That sustainability can be “glamorous, sexy & fun” is also proven by RVDK, the world’s first sustainable couture house that dresses the biggest names, and at Westfield Good Festival, the fashion house shows that wearing recycled materials is nothing to be ashamed of. “With our couture, made from leftover high quality fabrics and materials, we want to inspire to build a wardrobe that fits one’s personality.” Salon Heleen Hülsmann, for years a mecca for many a BN’er and fashion enthusiast with a passion for pre-loved designer clothes, also knows the latter. “People are starting to buy second-hand more and more, because they recognize that it’s good for themselves and good for the planet,” Hülsmann says. “So as far as I’m concerned, the sky is the limit.”

From circular buying to cooking with organic products and everything in between, Westfield Good Festival provides insights in many areas into how you yourself can easily change your lifestyle and gives practical tools to take steps in that direction. Westfield Good Festival shows in an inspiring way how relatively small consumer choices worldwide can lead to big changes. The full program of the multi-day festival can be found on the website of Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands.