Exercise and health are increasingly central to our lives and are a priority for people. Everyone is looking for the perfect equipment or the most engaging workout to get results as fast as possible, while having fun. And what better time than Christmas to give or reward yourself with a home wellness solution? Technogym, thanks to its variety of fitness and sports equipment, can meet everyone’s needs by providing a unique and tailor-made workout experience. 

Here’s a Christmas Gift Guide with Technogym’s solutions for personalised Wellness gifts based on different needs and passions: for those who love fitness and want a connected equipment with exclusive videos of the best trainers in the world, for amateur athletes who want to improve their sports performance, and for those who simply want to keep fit and take care of their health.

Start your training with the Technogym App

Do you want to lose weight? Improve your performance in sport? Take care of your health? Or simply keep fit? Whatever your goal is, with the Technogym App it’s never been easier to achieve it, so quickly, with a wide choice of on-demand video workouts and a personalized plan that suits you, your progress, and your lifestyle. Every day, the app suggests the most suitable workout for you by combining scientific research, artificial intelligence, and engaging and challenging video content.

Technogym: smart equipment for small spaces

Technogym myrun      

For running enthusiasts who want to keep running even during the cold winter temperatures, MYRUN is Technogym’s compact and silent home treadmill. Connecting your tablet gives you a wide range of on-demand running and walking-specific workouts including trainer-led sessions, goal-focused routines, and virtual training. 

For those who want to keep fit with a total body workout, Technogym Elliptical, is the ideal solution, even for beginners, thanks to its fluid movement, without impact on the joints, and its extensive library of training programs and on-demand video workouts tailored to your needs and goals.

For training at home, you can also choose Technogym Cycle, the exercise bike that combines functionality, ease of use and design. Its wide seat, convenient access, ease of use and small size make it ideal for everyone.

Technogym ride

For cycling enthusiasts and those who want to train like a champion at home, Technogym Ride is the Bike designed by champions for indoor cycling. Thanks to its 22″ screen, you’ll enjoy an immersive indoor experience, and with just one log-in you can conveniently access your favorite apps and training content. 

For the first time ever, with Technogym Ride you’ll be able to access, directly on the integrated console, the main apps used by cyclists – including Zwift, Strava, ROUVY, TrainingPeaks, Kinomap and Bkool – numerous entertainment apps – Netflix, and Eurosport – and a full range of training experiences and programs designed to enhance your outdoor (or road) performance.

Technogym bench       

For those who enjoy alternating bodyweight exercises with workout with accessories, Technogym Bench is the all-inclusive functional training solution designed to combine the greatest variety of exercises with the smallest possible footprint. It allows you to perform the widest range of resistance, strength, and core training exercises in a limited space, thanks to its innovative design and included tools. Using the Technogym App, you can be guided through your workout by choosing from an incredible variety of exercises and a wide selection of on-demand video workouts that can be performed on your Technogym Bench and a personalised plan that suits you, your progress and lifestyle.

The world most exclusive home fitness design collection

Personal line 

The Personal Line combines acclaimed designer Antonio Citterio’s style with Technogym’s experience in fitness and wellness technologies. The products in the Personal Line are made with refined materials and craftsmanship of the highest level and designed to be placed, like beautiful pieces of furniture, in the most beautiful spaces of the home. The line includes the most iconic fitness equipment – treadmill, bike, recline, elliptical, Kinesis and Power Station – to create a complete home gym by integrating your favorite training products in every environment.