Numéro NL was invited to experience an exclusive dinner at The Dry Gin & Beef Club, which officially opened its doors last week.

Words by Magdalena Roe

Originating from Stuttgart The Dry Gin & Beef Club boasts around 600 different gin flavors alongside the finest beef sourced from Germany. As I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand, the fusion of modern design and industrial aesthetics shines through its walls and ambiance at all times. 

The essence of The Dry Gin & Beef Club lies in its dedication to quality and innovation. Chef Mauricio Acosta brings his expertise to the table, creating dishes that celebrate the finest ingredients. One of the hallmarks of the restaurant is its commitment to sourcing choice beef from carefully selected farms around Lake Constance. Each piece of meat, whether it be a succulent steak or a creative meat creation, is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an incomparable taste experience for guests. Owner and passionate gastronome Michael Wilhelmer enthusiastically shared his deep-rooted passion for gastronomy and commitment to providing an exceptional fine dining experience since he has been running the family businesses that include the Stuttgarter Stäffele wine tavern and The Dry Gin & Beef Club in Stuttgart. 

The culinary journey at The Dry Gin & Beef Club doesn’t stop at the food. With an impressive selection of over 600 gins, curated by Gin Sommelier Marius Breitenberger, guests are invited to explore the world of gin in all its complexity. From classic gin and tonics to innovative cocktails, the drinks menu offers something for every palate. The artistry of the bartenders shines through in every sip, as they skillfully craft libations that complement and thoughtfully enhance the flavors of the cuisine. Marius Breitenberger, gaining insights into the inspiration behind the dishes and the stories behind the gins. 

As The Dry Gin & Beef Club takes its place in Berlin’s culinary scene, it brings a legacy of innovation and excellence. Since its beginnings in Stuttgart in 2015, the restaurant concept has been at the forefront of the gin and beef movement, shaping the tastes and standards of the industry. With its new location in the heart of the historic Tacheles Berlin Mitte, The Dry Gin & Beef Club invites guests to experience the intersection of timeless elegance, industrial charm, and finest beef & gin, where every dish celebrates flavor, craftsmanship, and hospitality.