The collaboration between Moco and Studio Irma has resulted in a new immersive digital art exhibition that – although it will first be seen at the Moco Museum – clearly has the ambition to make many a heart beat faster on an international scale. The interactive Studio Irma – “Reflecting Forward” exhibition is now open in the museum at the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

About Studio Irma – “Reflecting Forward”

Brightly coloured lights, dance and music drive you through these interactive works of art. These are the ingredients that bring dreams to life: infinitely variable spaces with ever-changing dimensions and ethereal works of art that communicate with each other. You feel a sense of bliss as you wander around the digital and constantly changing spaces: Diamond infinity room, Kaleidoscope, We all live in bubbles, Connecting dotsand Universe.

There is no language barrier, allowing every visitor to optimally enjoy this reflecting world in their own way. Here, life is not imitated by art or vice versa; instead, the experience is a captivating celebration of the interplay between man and art, man and man, art and art.

Irma de Vries of Studio Irma: “With 'Reflecting Forward,’ we are introducing a new art movement based on Connectivism.The exhibition emphasises how internet technologies such as web browsers, search engines and social media contribute to a new way of life. In it, the primary goal of art is to connect people in a world without borders.”

Kim Logchies, founder and curator of Moco Museum: “Usually, we reflect by looking back on the past.With this digital art experience and the infinite connections it shows us, we reveal what the future might look like and what your role in it could be.” 

The influence of colour:

Our early ancestors used colour to recognise ripe food. Hunger pushes one to search for food, while happiness is the reward for finding it. Over the course of millions of generations, colour has become such a reliable predictor of food that the act of eating has gradually evolved to become associated with a feeling of happiness. During the age of colonisation, bright pigments were sometimes considered closely guarded state secrets. 

A new colour was developed specifically for Studio Irma's exhibition. It is a shade of pink designed to induce energy and dopamine. The exhibition takes you to a completely new dimension and offers more rooms, so a variety of truly cool experiences. Experience it yourself from today on.

Studio Irma – “Reflecting Forward” is the first of many projects coming to Moco in 2020 to celebrate female artists this year.

IRMA – “Reflecting Forward”: from Monday 10 February 2020 only in Moco.

Timotej Letonja