During this holiday season, the Weekday Store Made Studio will collaborate with three designers, one per week, for exclusive and unique design pieces. The pieces will be sold on the Weekday Big Cartel site and all money made from the collaborations will be donated to Civil Rights Defenders, an international human rights organization. Civil Rights Defenders support human rights activists in their fight against injustices such as political persecution, racism and oppression against the LGBTQI community.

The first collection is in collaboration with Ellen Hodakova Larsson. 

Ellen Hodakova Larsson:

Stockholm based designer Ellen Hodakova Larsson designs focus on alternative ways of reworking old clothing to find new functions and values in already produced material. By deconstructing and recontextualizing vintage and deadstock clothing she is able to flip the original function in the process. For this collaboration Weekday gloves that once warmed hands now warms the body and bras which once held breasts are now top and skirt. Collection drops November 26th.

Annika Berger and Per Axen:

Weekday designers Annika Berger and Per Axen have spent the last year creating one off pieces for the Store Made Studio. Their focus has been on offering customers new ideas on how to be resourceful with what they already have at home. Recent collections have used cut up and mash up techniques, spray painting and dip dying to creatively refresh a wardrobe instead of making new purchases. Collections drops December 3rd.

Per Götesson:

London based designer Per Götesson is a graduate of Beckman's College of Design and The Royal College of Art. Götesson's eponymous label caught the eye of both Lulu Kennedy at Fashion East and Topman during his studies. He debuted his graduate collection on the London Fashion Week Men's catwalk with menswear collective MAN in 2016. Taking a no-frills approach to functional fashion Götesson's inspiration comes from the everyday and mundane but subverts it to add romance and poetry to traditional ideas of masculinity. Collection drops December 10th.

Claire Yurika Davis:

London-based designer, sustainability consultant and tarot reader Claire Yurika Davis specializes in slick, fetish-inspired designs. By sourcing the lowest impact materials, creating minimal waste and reducing her collections from a relentless season-to-season model to just one a year, Claire’s sustainable practices began on day one of founding her brand HANGER. Reworking pieces to her genderless, slutty and tailored aesthetic. Collection drops December 17th.

Collections unveiled exclusively on Weekday Instagram account @weekdayofficialSold exclusively on: https://weekdaystoremade.bigcartel.com/