Disruptive, sculptural, otherworldly. Weekday revisits its iconic MTWTFSS concept for a limited, seven-look jeans range designed for both physical and digital experiences.

Seven jeans, designed for each day of the week. That is the ethos on which Weekday came to be. Now, after twenty years in the making, the streetwear brand revisits its original concept with a limited-edition collection featuring seven full jeans looks.

“MTWTFSS is experimental and fuelled by fantasy, exploring what the Weekday heritage would look like in a futuristic, otherworldly and virtual setting. The result is a collection inspired by the mood, spirit and traits of different days,” says designer Alice Shulman.

The limited-edition collection is part tribute and part self-study, but above all, it is an exploration of the virtual landscape. By imagining the past through a virtual lens, Weekday has developed a collection of surreal silhouettes with items ranging from composed to extreme, timeless to abstract, and tactile to spiralling into other dimensions.

The virtual theme carries over from the designs into the campaign, where traditional imagery is replaced by digitally sculpted, artificial bodies created by 3D artist @cheyenneguarapuava in close collaboration with Alice Shulman and the Weekday creative team.

“The artificial bodies serve as the ideal incarnation of the collection. The seven bodies hold characteristics influenced by the days they represent and showcase how the designs are imagined to be worn in a world where the laws of nature do not apply,” says Alice Shulman.

Key pieces include dreamy, light pink jeans with frill details; a pink corset in rigid denim; asymmetrical, fluid, wide-leg jeans; and a blue jeans set with contrasting white threaded panels.

MTWTFSS launches online and in selected stores on 16th February 2023.

3D artist: Jessica Wahlström, @cheyenneguarapuava
3D hair & makeup artist: Viktoria Sörensdotter, @viktoriasorensdotter
3D light, camera and photography: Ida Blom, @idablomg

Published by Asia Lanzi