WECANDANCE, the Electronic Beach Festival, is gearing up for a remarkable transformation under the leadership of its new Creative Director, Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck. Following a spectacular anniversary last summer, the festival is set to undergo an artistic evolution with an innovative theme for 2024: ‘Drop in the Light, Rise in the Dark.’ The festival promises a unique experience on August 3, 4, 10, and 11 at Zeebrugge beach, featuring revamped stages that transition seamlessly from light to darkness.

Immersive Theme Takes Center Stage

The theme ‘Drop in the Light, Rise in the Dark’ will engulf the entire festival site, encouraging attendees to explore their own evolution. Art installations and stages will undergo a complete transformation, fostering individual expression. Dennis Vanderbroeck from Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck emphasizes the festival’s commitment to embracing diverse interests, including art, design, and music.

Inspired by Zeebrugge’s unique environment, WECANDANCE will showcase a 12-hour festival that transitions from sunlight to moonlight. ‘The Light House,’ a round stage construction that took center stage in 2023, will play a central role this year, forming the epicenter of the festival. Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck is responsible for designing all stages, ensuring a harmonious blend.

A Collaborative Vision for Creativity

Evelien De Lint, co-organizer of WECANDANCE, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration and the chosen theme, emphasizing the transformative journey for both the festival’s team and its visitors. Dennis and his team are working tirelessly to create the most creative edition to date.

Eclectic Lineup Teaser

WECANDANCE provides a sneak peek into its eclectic lineup, featuring stage hosts like Kompass Club, Faisal Selects, Stavroz & Friends, Supertoys, Bloody Louis, Burenhinder, and more. The festival underscores its focus on community and inclusivity, promising a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Genres ranging from hip hop, techno, disco, female pop, energy house, to live acts will be showcased, with a special emphasis on rising subgenres like amapiano. The full lineup for WECANDANCE 2024 will be revealed on Thursday, February 29th, at 12:00.

Tickets & Practical Information

Tickets are available online with day passes starting at €65, weekend passes at €110, and a combined pass for both weekends priced at €190. The festival encourages attendees from outside Zeebrugge to pair the experience with local accommodations in Bruges or Ghent. Night trains from Zeebrugge to Bruges and Ghent will be organized, ensuring everyone gets home safely. More information about tickets and practical details can be found on the official festival website, www.wecandance.be.