WE11DONE, renowned for its distinctive aesthetic, announces the launch of its pre-spring collection. Shot by multi-talented Marili Andre and styled by the esteemed Lotta Volkova, the campaign encapsulates WE11DONE’s unwavering commitment to its cutting-edge agenda, while merging opulence with the essence of modern culture.

The pre-spring collection serves as a testament to WE11DONE’s vision, fearlessly embracing its hyper-surrealistic trademarks and making them accessible to the youth of now. Meticulously crafted, each garment breathes new life into the brand’s motifs, transforming them into wearable pieces with an intriguing off-centreness.

At first glance, the designs feature classic silhouettes, but upon closer examination, they reveal eyecatching details that align with WE11DONE’s signatures. From cropped satin zip-up hoodies and exaggerated camisoles, to asymmetrical zip-up pockets on sleeveless tops, these elements blur the boundaries between luxuriousness and an urban lifestyle. The result is an line-up of everyday garments emanating an unconventional charm.

Once again, WE11DONE demonstrates its ability to transcend boundaries and redefine contemporary fashion. The pre-spring collection presents a fusion of refinement with boundless inventiveness, creating a distinctive visual narrative that resonates with the discerning taste of today’s youth.

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