At Cartier, time is not only what we measure but what we treasure, something to make the most of – in how it is filled and how it is represented. The strength of this vision drives all of the Maison’s research around time, from its formal representation to personal perception and the experience of the quality of time.

The different watches on display this year


This year, the new Tank Louis Cartier watch displays a radical elegance, buoyed by the intensity of the monochrome dials: red, the Maison’s signature colour, and anthracite grey, a shade borrowed from the Cartier watchmaking palette. More radical, more intense; the third version of the Tank Louis Cartier complements this duo, with a model featuring a deep black dial.


A benchmark for a whole generation of one- of-a-kind personalities, the Pasha de Cartier watch confirms its status as an extrovert watch through the vitality and power of its latest designs. In 2022, the Pasha de Cartier Grille takes centre stage once again. A powerful piece whose grid adds to the singularity of the watch.


As a tribute to the historical model, the Santos-Dumont collection adds three new versions to its repertoire of elegance. Three lacquer watches that elevate the style and spirit so dear to the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.


The Panthère de Cartier is the Maison’s quintessential jewellery watch. The watch takes its name from the bracelet: its ultra-flexible structure echoes the animal’s movements. This style icon has now inspired Cartier to create four new versions in rose gold, yellow gold and steel, with a sophisticated silky dial in shades of golden plum, gold, midnight blue and black.


The Coussin de Cartier watch is made for evening wear, where it causes a sensation. A flexible watch made up of gold links that intertwine to weave a grid pattern in which Cartier has integrated an innovative element. This allows the case to deform and retract to its original shape. The Coussin watch is sensory on all levels. Beyond the sense of touch, the sight is electrified by the iridescence of diamonds and coloured stones.


Inspired by the spectacular rock crystal and diamond bracelet created in the 1930s and worn by actress Gloria Swanson, this jewellery watch embodies Cartier’s creative freedom. Entirely reversible, it can be turned over thanks to a flexible elasticated strap: on the front, it is a watch, and on the back, it is a bracelet.


Created in 1967, deep in the heart of Swinging London, the Crash de Cartier watch captures the vibrant energy of the city at the time. With its asymmetrical dial, it revolutionised the aesthetic codes of watchmaking. This year, craftsmen at the Maison des Métiers d’Art are exploring the dial’s potential and making it the source of creative expression of Cartier’s craftsmanship. The art of jewellery, combined with that of enamel taken to the highest level but also the choice of blue and green, Cartier’s signature colour combination


The Cartier Privé collection, a meeting between collectors, celebrates the Maison’s iconic models through limited edition numbered watches, rare watches that bridge the gap between Cartier’s watchmaking heritage and today’s aesthetic vision. After the Crash, Tank Cintrée, Tonneau, Tank Asymétrique and Cloche de Cartier watches, the Tank Chinoise watch will mark the sixth chapter of Cartier Privé. Today, the Tank Chinoise watch reveals the mystery of the skeleton movement within its new rectangular dial.


A new Cartier Fine Watchmaking enigma: the Masse Mystérieuse. A spectacular watch that turns to the rhythm of an innovative movement, created by the Fine Watchmaking Manufacture. What is the ‘mystery’? Its beating heart, the magic of a mobile calibre condensed into a semi-circle, transformed into a skeletonised oscillating weight. The result of nearly eight years of work at the Cartier Manufacture, where it was designed, developed, manufactured and assembled, this movement has now been the subject of a patent application. Everything, including the most advanced techniques, is designed around the aesthetics.