About 150 years ago, French traveler named Edmond Coteau came to Japan. He published a book entitled “Un touriste dans l’Extrême Orient” (A Tourist to the Far East), which summarized the cultural differences and the beauty of the four seasons.

1867 at Paris expo first time to the show Japanese culture for international. It was during this period that the style of Japonism, represented by Monet and influenced by UKIYOE, was born.

At the same time, tough workwear such as overalls and painter pants were born in the USA. In the course of their 150-year history, they have been inherited and crossover to the present era.

The number 150 became a key word in the manufacturing process for the exhibition in France.

Embroidered shirts and jackets that express Japanese-ness from WANSIE’s point of view. The collection will incorporate classical workwear items with a European mood influenced by France and expressed in colors and materials that feel like spring.