28 May – 20 August 2022

Wanrooij Gallery in Amsterdam presents a solo exhibition of Slovak multimedia artist Viktor Frešo from 28 May until 20 August 2022. The exhibition HLAVA marks a 10-year collaboration. The gallery shows a colourful selection of sculptures, paintings and installations with a prominent role for character Niemand and a round, minimalistic head.

Viktor Frešo is internationally known for his ‘Niemand’ sculpture. The characteristic small man, with a disproportionate figure and an angry, arrogant expression on his face, reflects the negative emotions and qualities that people try to hide all their life. The artist plays with ‘Niemand’ in sculpture variations and mixed media installations. A round head features in iconic objects, installations and abstract paintings.

The multimedia artist reflects on the situation in the society and culture with atypical works of art. He is often critical in his works and provocatively expresses his contempt of the art scene and its processes, but with a light, humorous and playful undertone. Frešo combines huge gestures with disarming, self-ironic humility, and a short interval between action and reaction. He also reveals dark sides of his soul. The artist innovatively approaches the selection and processing of materials while using progressive technology. 

Viktor Frešo (Bratislava, 1974) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He belongs to the most remarkable figures of contemporary art in former Czechoslovakia. The visual artist exhibits in galleries in Europe and the United States. His autonomous work has been presented by Wanrooij Gallery at art fairs such as Art Miami, Art New York, KunstRAI in Amsterdam and SCOPE Basel and is included in the collections of museums and many private collectors. The impressive oeuvre of Frešo is captured in a comprehensive monograph (2018).        

Wanrooij Gallery

KNSM-laan 301 in Amsterdam