Wanrooij Gallery in Amsterdam presents a retrospective exhibition of Leon Keerfrom 5 June until 28 August 2021. The Dutch mixed media artist is the master of optical illusion. The solo exhibition 'Forced Perspective' shows a colourful selection of new paintings, sculptures, installations, anamorphic artworks and Augmented Reality (AR). The gallery transforms into a surreal universe.

Leon Keeris one of the world’s leading artists in anamorphic art. By playing with perspectives he creates incredible new worlds. He has executed numerous 3D murals and street paintings in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In the Netherlands, the artist has cooperated with the Fries Museum, Museum Arnhem, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Van Gogh Museum. 

The artist is inspired by pop surrealism and new technology. With the use of Augmented Reality he is able to show an extra dimension in his art. A message seems to be present. Current issues are reviewed, such as environmental concerns, social inequality and the livability of this world. The artworks reflect a fascination for old materials and a timeless longing for unspoiled beauty.       

Leon Keerlives and works in Utrecht and a visual artist since 1997. His autonomous work has been presented at international art fairs such as Art Miami, Moniker Art Fair London, SCOPE Basel and SCOPE New York. In 2018, he won the Street Art Awards Benelux for best artist. The extensive and iconic oeuvre of Leon Keeris captured in a first monograph, titled 'In Case of lost Childhood'and released in November 2020. 

Wanrooij Gallery

KNSM-laan 301in Amsterdam