Walter Van Beirendonck does not only presents us his Spring-Summer 2025 Collection “I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE…”, but surprises us with a preview of pure innovation in the form of a capsule collection “Denim with Balls” in collaboration with G-Star RAW.

I think we all can agree with Walter Van Beirendonck’s statement, that in today’s world, everything feels endlessly dramatic. There are extremes everywhere and extremists are getting the last laugh. We are confronted with big situations to fight against. And meanwhile, have to continue to somehow find our bliss. We have to get up every day and make simple moves that keep adding up. Play pretend and believe that all we do can make a difference.

The world explodes and I’m DREAMING.
The world explodes and I’m HAPPY. 
The world explodes and I’m DANCING. 

Walter Van Beirendonck

Thinking about this current situation we are all in sparked the idea of clowns in the designer’s mind. Clowns are familiar, happy yet sad figures that are trying to connect the conflicting sides of the circus. Wanter van Beirendonck had to think about Charlie Chaplin and the silhouette of a tiny top with a huge bottom.
His thoughts turned into a game of two fashion opposites: micro against maxi. From mini to huge in camaïeu pinks and baby blue hues. 3D dots, bulging patches and terror toys against flatpack design. Open-sleeved shirts and jackets create a winking effect. Shapes that seem overwhelming and all-enveloping, but mixed with what stays close to the skin. 

As a little surprise for us, Walter Van Beirendonck included a little preview of his G-Star RAW x Walter Van Beirendonck SS2025 capsule collection within his own collection. In collaboration with G-Star RAW, Walter van Beirendonck wanted to create innovative methods to assemble clothing that last years. Together, they found an unusual way to develop pieces without stitching. The clothes have been glue-bonded together and finished with red taping. It’s all reinforced. Pure modern-day cutting-edge craftsmanship. 

“I aimed to challenge and reimagine traditional methods. Why are clothes still being stitched when we have the potential to explore so many other techniques? This project is all about innovation, research, and pushing the conventions of fashion. It was great to be given total creative freedom by G-STAR.”

Walter Van Beirendonck 

The capsule collection called “Denim with Balls” revealed the designer’s denim experiments. The combination of Walter Van Beirendonck’s legendary craftsmanship and G-Star’s expertise in denim is the perfect match to create unconventional garments. 
The avant-garde designer was given full carte blanche and decided to experiment with denim in the combination of minimal stitching and the focus on unusual methods like gluing and taping. 

The result: a 19-piece limited-edition collection, featuring bold styles such as the Square Jeans, Wader Jeans, Embossed Pamflet Jeans and Future Proof Jacket, featuring embossed dots, taped seams, and exaggerated details. All denim pieces are made with certified Cradle to Cradle fabric. Elsewhere, the capsule includes 3D-knitted tops and sweaters, with Van Beirendonck’s slogans ‘Future Proof’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Stitch Less’. The embossed dots, used throughout the collection, showcase the playful ‘Denim with Balls’ concept. 
 The unisex capsule will be available in selected stores worldwide in February 2025. 

“Van Beirendonck is one of the most important fashion designers of our times. His unique vision, playfulness and extreme creative mind are why we decided to work with him. ‘Denim with Balls’ is a testament to our shared vision of challenging norms and redefining what denim can be.”  

Gwenda van Vliet, CMO at G-STAR

With the presentation of his collection “I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE…” and the preview of the capsule collection “Denim with Balls” with G-STAR RAW, Walter Van Beirendonck hopes that this season, we will have fun playing around with tiny tops and big bottoms.

And you are in it. 

Walter Van Beirendonck