Marking a powerful reminder that Pride is still, and even more importantly, a protest, W Amsterdam took a bold step by holding a guerilla Pride March in the city of Amsterdam. This impactful march set the stage for a triumphant comeback to the canals with an event that defied even the rain. Over 80 national and international LGBTQIA+ tastemakers, activists and celebrities gathered to amplify the “Take A Stance” Campaign, embodying a collective voice for Diversity, Inclusion, and Unity.

The Pride Boat was the event’s centerpiece, adorned with the breathtaking floral art installation designed by W London’s Ambassador Hamish Powell. Using lavender in the design paid homage to a historically significant color in LGBTQIA+ culture, symbolizing resistance, power, and human expression.

Making her debut on the Pride Boat, April Darby delivered a soul-stirring performance with outstanding vocals. She was accompanied by world-renowned artists Josh Harrison and the upcoming Emma Champagne Queen. Together with dancers Jelani Simmons, Otmar Martina, and body positivity activist Shanice Fullinck, all dressed by talented young Caribbean Fashion designer Lucy Vital, they brought the message of inclusion to life with every note, beat, and movement.

The festivities spread the nights as W Amsterdam and Tanqueray brought London’s famous club night OUTHAUS to Amsterdam for the first time. For the renowned Afterparty on the 6th floor, the popular queer night “Sweetie Darling” took together with Calvin Klein over, reflecting the spirit of Pride and the vibrancy of Amsterdam’s LGBTQIA+ community.

As the beautiful Pride Season finishes for the city of Amsterdam, W Hotels pledges to keep the momentum going, extending the conversation for Equality through initiatives like Queer Me Out and What She Said, ensuring that the dialogue and actions towards a more inclusive world never cease.

published by ASIA LANZI