Guram Gvasalia on VTMNTS:
“VTMNTS stands for gender equality. Gender is such an important subject. Fashion is about identity, it is about expressing who you truly are on the inside. “Menswear” and “womenswear” terms are so outdated and old-fashioned, and not really represent how the world is developing and transforming into a better place for all of us, who do not particularly want to identify as male or female stereotypes. We are all so much more than what we are told to believe we are!

Even Fashion Weeks are still separated by only 2 genders, making no room for anyone who do not conform. That`s why I felt it was time to do things differently, and to show during the main Fashion Week clothes that speak to all genders, and not merely to men or women.

When doing the casting this season for the show, it was refreshing to see that some of the model agencies started to introduce a non-binary category next the typical “boys” & “girls”.

Guram Gvasalia:
“VETEMENTS is built on deconstruction and twisting patterns to redefine the whole nature of a garment. We cut pieces apart and sew them differently back together.

VTMNTS is built on garment construction using the most advance technologies mixed up with sartorial tailoring tricks invented centuries ago.

Both brands exist in one Universe, you can wear VETEMENTS or be a VTMNTS kind of person, or you can wear pieces from both brands to create entirely new narrative.”

At VTMNTS we study traditional craftmanship and merge it with newest material science and garment making technology. Sustainably developing our own fabrics with adaptive technologies allows us to achieve unique constructions, that fit different bodies, so you can still wear your favorite pieces when your body changes, or you decide to change it. This makes ready-to-wear fit like custom made pieces. This is game-changing!

The new tailoring with elevated shoulders and signature “frame” piping detail is paired with classic pants with invisible hidden zips, that, when opened, transform the whole silhouette into an iconic athletic wear shape.

The western boots are crafted in black, brown, white, caramel, red and silver mirror leathers, matching tailored fabrics and neon lycra, embroidered with signature barcode and updated with a rubber sole with spring technology typically exclusive to hi-performance sneakers, making them feel like the most comfortable boots you will ever wear!

The coated canvas traditionally used for French luxury bags like LV and Goyard is reimagined as overcoats with barcode monogram – signature element of VTMNTS.

Boiled wool coat and denim are painted with liquid silver, while leather coats and jackets are doubleembroidered by hand – a traditional artisanal technique used for sportscar interiors.

The shearling coats are merged with ultra-soft napa leather for a unique soft-touch finishing, outerwear is double-layered and cashmere is treated to create a signature fall of VTMNTS tailored overcoats.

The final look of the show is a printed leather carcoat that is hot-stamped with a puzzle motif as a nostalgic memory of a small blue sky jigsaw puzzle – the first toy Guram received from his parents after the family fled their war-torn home country of Georgia to Germany, leaving everything they knew behind. Blue sky as a beacon of hope.