On Friday the 21st, we partied all night long with VOXNOX & INTERCELL and we already missed it. 

The evening is now unforgettable, and every minute on the dancefloor was a delight. The explosive energy of Callush, the unique live performance by Kalte Liebe, the inimitable DLV as our rave instructor, and the sensual addition of Laure Croft on the decks created an unforgettable experience. And to top it off, CLTX and OGUZ surprised us with a b2b set, taking the audience on a captivating sonic adventure.

The partnership between Voxnox and Intercell truly created a one-of-a-kind party that exceeded all expectations. The diversity of talents on show helped to create an electric atmosphere that kept the room buzzing all night long.

We danced, laughed and shared magical moments with a passionate community of techno lovers. Now, with the dawn of a new day, we look forward to the next edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event, hoping that it will once again bring its share of musical discoveries and moments of pure happiness on the dance floor.

For the next ADE, we’ll be there, ready to dive back into the heady world of electronic music.