This Autumn-Winter, the Vivienne Westwood campaign shot by Juergen Teller took to the transforming streets around our studio in Battersea. “Over the past few years, we have seen the area of  Battersea, where we are based, change so much. We have watched the Royal College of Art, Design & Innovation  Campus built right next to us. We have got to know them so well – so we decided to shoot where we are  based – where everything is born.” – Andreas Kronthaler, Creative Director 

A stone’s throw over the bridge from our Worlds End boutique on the King’s Road, the once Victorian suburban streets surrounding Battersea Bridge Road now serves as a dynamic hub – nurturing the next generation of world-leading designers, artists and creatives. “Our studio is our home, and we wanted to showcase how much the area has changed over the last ten years or so. So many young people and creatives are moving to the area – with the RCA moving right next door. It feels like the new Brick Lane; it’s really happening.” 

The campaign celebrates an area of London burgeoning with inspiration and imagination, featuring a friend of the house Courtney Love amongst a roster of young and street cast talent. “We’ve known Courtney for a long time – she’s a friend. It was a pleasure to work with her. She’s an incredibly stylish woman – she appreciates clothes and knows the work that goes into them. She’s a connoisseur. She has her own style – it’s inspiring how she presents herself – always cool! I think she’s very similar to Vivienne in some ways; they are both outspoken with important opinions and aren’t afraid to express them. She’s a comrade – you can steal horses with her….” 

“I’ve always looked up to Vivienne. She did so much more than invent punk. And I adore Andreas – together they are such a mighty force. A genius feminist scholar told me, “the only truly transgressive act one can do, is to be a  woman aging in public” I knew we would not be using filters and overt retouching. The collection is outrageously great, funny and innovative. I wanted to rip the scab off and get on with it. And when I took Vivienne’s hand,  I was thinking of Diane Arbus’ “twins“ photo but also taking the hand of a leader who gives no fucks – who would help me go to the next place beyond the Instagram filters that are destroying our lives. And the over-retouching has always tried to turn me into a petite, dainty flower that I’ve never been. It was exhilarating, and I’m honoured these two outlaws asked me. I hadn’t worked with Juergen since we did 90s rock and roll together. So that was an added plus, and I loved the casting. The collection is just amazing“ – Courtney Love